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QUOTES: Post by Email is a way of publishing posts on your blog by email. Any email client can be used to send the email, allowing you to publish quickly and easily from devices such as cell phones. Please note you can only publish to one blog using one e-mail message at a time. [1]

In some countries, governments ban websites critical of their policies. If a website is blocked by a government, then it becomes harder for people to access it and publish content. Posts by email feature allows you to publish content even when you can’t access your website. This feature is also useful for journalists and activists working in troubled areas with little internet connectivity. [2]

NOTES: WordPress allows you to post automatically by sending an email to a special address. You can do this from a cell phone or any device that can access your email. You create a secret email address to do this, which can be added to your contacts. (This input-by-email option is commonly available with a lot of applications, including Evernote and Todoist.)

A person might be in a situation where they can email but not access their WordPress site to use the editor. This gets the information online. A writer could compose their piece in email, or just simply send it so as to get the information online which could then be edited into a post. Consider the mailing lists to which you have subscribed that send you endless amounts of information – using this method, you can instantly capture that information for a post by forwarding it to WordPress.

Given the problems I have with the editor displaying information  the way I wish, I’m uncomfortable using post by email unless I would immediately be able to edit the material. And if I am immediately able to edit the material, why not just copy and paste what I want into the editor? But you have options with WordPress.


When would posting by email be helpful to you?


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The image is from, a subscription service.

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