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QUOTES: Press This provides a lightning-fast way to publish a link to a page or post from any website to your blog without ever visiting It’s as easy as clicking the Press This bookmarklet while you’re viewing the page or post you want to share…. Let’s say you come across a cool photography post, and you want to share part of it on your own blog. Simply highlight the text you want to grab with your cursor, then click the Press This bookmarklet in your browser. A pop-up publishing window that will appear. To add images or text to the link, click the “Plus” icon below the title of the post and select the photos you want. You can also add your own commentary if you like. [1]

Press This is a special browser bookmarklet which can be dragged and dropped into a browser’s bookmark bar. When browsing an interesting web page, a user can click on the bookmarklet in their browser’s bookmark bar to quickly post a link and their commentary about the page they were visiting. In order to add the Press This bookmarklet to your browser, you have to go to the Tools » Available Tools page in your WordPress dashboard. From here you can drag and drop the Press This button into your browser’s toolbar. This bookmarklet is specific to whichever blog you installed it from. If you have multiple WordPress blogs and you want to have a Press This bookmarklet for each one, then you will have to repeat this step for all of your blogs. You should be able to rename the Press This button once it is in your browser in order to distinguish between your blogs. [2]

Press This makes it fast and easy to share the content your readers will may find interesting to read. For example, you could share:
A quote from another blog – great for commentary pieces
A link to a related blog post
An image with a link back to its source (from Flickr, for example – but be aware of copyright laws)
Videos from YouTube or Vimeo
Tweets from Twitter
Pictures from Instagram
Essentially, if there is some piece of content you want to share with your readers, Press This will probably be able to share it for you. Press This even supplies the credits to whatever content you are linking to, giving you one less thing for you to worry about. [2]

NOTES: The Press This tool is a method to instantly copy and post material into your blog. Basically, it is “clipping” what you select into WordPress and publishing it by selecting material and then clicking on a button on your browser bar.

Given my distrust that the Editor will display material as I would prefer, I’m reluctant to use this tool unless I’m able to go into WordPress to do an edit soon after clipping it. There might be an option to save what is clipped into a draft to work on later, which could make this a  useful tool. My preference is also to clip raw information for writing into Evernote so that it can be easily bagged and tagged for future use and kept as reference material.

One advantage of using Press This is that it copies the source information along with what material you’ve selected. Normally providing material for footnotes involves copying and pasting information multiple times from one window to another and then formatting the information. If you are in a hurry to preserve something you’ve found with the source, Press This might be a big help, particularly on a mobile device. If you are on the bus, browsing the internet while watching a child’s soccer game or riding as a passenger in a car and find something important for your blog, this might be very convenient.

UPDATE 2/16/2020: I can’t get it to work with my browser.


When would you find this tool useful to your writing process?


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