What is a “sticky post”?

QUOTES: By default, WordPress.com blogs display posts in reverse chronological order on the home page with the latest post at the top. There isn’t a way to display posts in chronological order, but you can mark some posts as Sticky to make them appear above the other posts. They will stay at the top of your posts until you uncheck that option on the Edit screen for that post…. Sticky posts appear highlighted in some way, depending on the theme you’re using. For example, some themes display sticky posts with a colored background behind the title. [1]

A check box is included on the Administration > Posts > Add New Screen (In the Publish panel under Visibility. Click edit to see the checkbox). If checked, the post will be placed at the top of the front page of posts, keeping it there until new posts are published. [2]

NOTES: A sticky post is one way to ensure that a reader coming to the blog reads the same material first. A sticky post is always on top. It is one way to bypass the LIFO stack, last post published on top normal display behavior of the blogging software. A sticky post is usually used for orientation or explanation.

In the top right-hand corner of the Edit Post screen, three lines down, is the image of an eye, the label Visibility, and a link, Edit. Clicking on that link expands a window where you can check box for Stick this post to the front page.

Sticky posts can’t be ignored; sometimes that is useful.

QUESTIONS: What information would you want a visitor to see every time they visit the blog? Is this purpose best fulfilled by a page or a sticky post?


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The image is by Clker-Free-Vector-Images and is from Pixabay.

“Technical Issues” is a category of posts prepared for “The Writing Pastor” workshop attempting to provide answers to questions that might come up related to the technical issues of blogging. I am not an expert … but willing to share my opinion and experience. Someone who knows what they are doing will probably find my generalizations hilarious. My hope is that someone who knows less than I do might find them helpful.

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