Where did all these !@#$%&* typos come fromt?

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NOTES: It would seem that no matter what we write and the matter how carefully we might proof read, there are always typographical errors in any final version of any document. When I started self publishing my novels I found this to be true. Between my careful editing and the production of the book a 100 new typos would appear in the text. Most would be invisible on the digital screen and only appear when viewed on the printed page of the book that I had thought was flawless.
I became convinced the typographical errors breed somewhat like cockroaches. According to one of those kitchen restaurant renovation shows, if you step on a female cockroach you will smash the egg sack and spread cockroach eggs on your shoes throughout the restaurant. These will hatch several weeks later and also begin to breed. Be fruitful and multiply applies to all of creation, not just the parts we like.
Apparently it is OK to stomp on male cockroaches, assuming you can tell the difference.
Typos are an ongoing reality and will always be with us. Just as you mow the lawn every week, you are going to need to mow what you write on a regular basis so as to keep down the weeds. We will not reach perfection in this life. What’s important is going on toward perfection.

QUESTIONS for thinking it through:
What does this say?
What does this say that I need to obey?

Who needs to hear this?


[1] This is an anchor post; its purpose is to begin a discussion on a particular topic, anchoring that conversation in the wisdom of the initial quote, which is from
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“Technical Issues” is a category of posts prepared for “The Writing Pastor” workshop attempting to provide answers to questions that might come up related to the technical issues of blogging. I am not an expert … but willing to share my opinion and experience. Someone who knows what they are doing will probably find my generalizations hilarious. My hope is that someone who knows less than I do might find them helpful.

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