Why won’t the blog editor cooperate?

QUOTE: [1]
NOTES: I do not have a good relationship with the built-in WordPress editor. As soon as possible I intend to get a divorce and look for an editor which is more of a soulmate.
I can never trust how the WordPress editor will present my text for viewing. It is totally out of control. Some paragraphs will be in a giant font while others will be in tiny text . And just like a marriage, the more you try to do to fix the problem so that things are the way you want them to be, the more the WordPress editor will continue to present your text in the way that it wishes.
As with a marriage, I have learned to simply accept the reality and leave the garbled appearance of the text alone until the next time I log in. This is not helpful in the writing but it certainly helps with the frustration.

QUESTIONS for thinking it through:
What does this say?
What does this say that I need to obey?

Who needs to hear this?


[1] This is an anchor post; its purpose is to begin a discussion on a particular topic, anchoring that conversation in the wisdom of the initial quote, which is from
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“Technical Issues” is a category of posts prepared for “The Writing Pastor” workshop attempting to provide answers to questions that might come up related to the technical issues of blogging. I am not an expert … but willing to share my opinion and experience. Someone who knows what they are doing will probably find my generalizations hilarious. My hope is that someone who knows less than I do might find them helpful.

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