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QUOTES: For many bloggers, creating a blog post involves just opening the WordPress editor and typing. But organizing your blog posts as you’re writing them is a challenge for most bloggers. By helping you centralize your research and fragmented ideas in one place, Scrivener can help you manage the entire process of creating your blog content. Scrivener has long been the “go-to” choice for novelists, but now other writers are discovering its advantages. If you’re writing long, comprehensive blog posts — and you should be — Scrivener can help you streamline your content creation workflow. By making it easier to write in smaller chunks — and allowing you to change their order later — you spend less time worrying about organization and more time just writing. [1]

NOTES: Word processing programs like Microsoft Word work on a single, long document. When the project is novel length, this becomes unwieldy. Scrivener works on bits and pieces of your project which are then compiled into the final output.

It’s easier to work on smaller pieces, such as scenes. Scrivener makes it easy to reorder this material; you can focus on the little picture of the scene you are working on and have the big picture in mind. As software is written in modules, perfected in modules and then compiled in a final version, Scrivener allows you to work on smaller parts of your project and perfect them.

And the smaller parts of a larger project could be blog posts. Scrivener allows you to work with a blog as it was a single project and easily manage all the parts.



[1] Using Scrivener to Write and Organize Your Blog Posts by Matt Thomas, July 8, 2015, at

“Technical Issues” is a category of posts prepared for “The Writing Pastor” workshop attempting to provide answers to questions that might come up related to the technical issues of blogging. I am not an expert … but willing to share my opinion and experience. Someone who knows what they are doing will probably find my generalizations hilarious. My hope is that someone who knows less than I do might find them helpful.

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