David O. Kueker – Biblical Purpose Statement, April 4, 2003.

David O. Kueker – Biblical Purpose Statement, April 4, 2003.

Biblical Purpose: I exist to live in fruitful communion with Jesus the vine, fulfilling his purpose and will for my life, both in relationships and all that I have received, with the continual help of those who come alongside (paraclete).


Functional            We are a functional (effective, efficient, elegant)
Caring Family      family of God, (nuclear family, extended family, community)
Lordship              where Jesus is Lord (not any human, human law or human institution)
Growth                and people grow.  (Fulfillment, learning, transformation, fruitfulness)
Loyalty                Surround yourself with trustworthy people in a positive environment.
Joy                       Let’s have fun, be happy, thank & praise Jesus, make friends, play well!
Quest                   Life is an exciting adventure of risk & objectives, to the glory of God.

Under growth:
Innovation       New, improved, better, excellence, quality; never boring.
Fruitful             Life is stewardship and intended to be profitable. Get paid.
Nurture            All things work together for those who love God and fulfill His purpose.
Harvest            Lost people matter to God.
Equipping       Equipping fully observant followers for oikodomeo; laborers > believers.

1. As a part of the Vine (John 15), I am fruitful according to my DNA. I do not sacrifice, but am very fruitful (P) season after season. I grow along a prepared path of least resistance and the greatest fruitfulness. I yield to God’s wisdom. I am faithful to my growing edge and my root relationships – family, Jesus, friends (PC).

2. MBA Purpose: As an architect of ideas, I add value to information from a variety of sources (input), to provide innovative spoken and written solutions (product) for intense and widespread human problems (market) in harmony with God’s will (evaluative process). I write best selling books and my ideas benefit the lives of over a million people. I am profitable to others and myself. I may not be able to implement all my ideas myself, but there are more builders than architects.

3. I delight in the adventure that lies before me. I will not willingly bury any talent.

4. I delight in the design of an American model (flagship) cell church which could bring these harvest principles into the United Methodist Church and other denominations. This would be a missionary G12-BC congregation (1700+), lay seminary & church multiplication movement with significant national impact. The Fuller MFP (Ministry Focus Project i.e. dissertation) will delineate a portion or all of this design for a church.

5. I delight in my two current projects: The One Minute Minister, about burnout and time management that heals; Psalms for Divorce, about the experience of good men in bad marriages. The harvest is 1-2 new books a year. Sequels follow. A national seminar & speaking ministry develops.

6. I delight in being a philanthropist to send and empower others with my funds.

Models: Bill Hybels, Mike Slaughter, John Wesley, Ken Blanchard, Stephen Covey & M. Scott Peck.


NOTE: In 2004 I took the Terry Walling course on lifelong leadership development at Fuller Seminary for 12 hours, the last class prior to working on my Doctor of Ministry Project [1].Terry Walling referred to the class as “Bobby Clinton Lite” because it was focused on our applying the concepts of Dr. Clinton’s “Leadership Emergence Theory” to our lives [2]. Central to this theory is that God prepares a leader for ministry through all the experiences of a person’s life to prepare them for “Convergence,”  the final concluding period of their greatest fruitfulness. Convergence refers, in other words, to the time when everything comes together to fulfill God’s purpose [3].

I found for me that the purpose of the class was to help us to discover God’s differentiated will for our lives. We prepared a timeline of significant events that had shaped our lives [4], and some form of writing was present in every year of my life; this was part of my calling. Dr. Walling pointed out that younger people rarely took this course because one needs 40 years or more of life experience to be able to extrapolate from life trends where one’s development reaches full flower. Likewise, I found it to also to be a course to transcend mid-life crisis and identify fruitfulness during the remaining decades of ministry.

At the end of our two weeks together we presented two documents to the class … our biblical calling statement and our enhanced calling statement, which represented our learnings about the purpose of our life. I perceived those statements to identify goals which represent ideal outcomes. The lack of humility in what I thought could be possible was a little shocking to my peers, but when we imagine the future with faith it is OK to be a little audacious. The audacious version of the statement is above.


Do you have a bucket list? How tame is it?

What, exactly and specifically, would you do if you knew you could not fail?


[1] This individual class has now become a cohort around which one can build and entire DMin program at Fuller: http://fuller.edu/academics/school-of-theology/dmin/lifelong-leadership-formation-cohort/

[2] Some biographical information on Dr. Clinton is here: http://bobbyclinton.com/about/

[3] The life stages leading to convergence are described here:  http://www.lifeandleadership.com/book-summaries/robert-clinton-leadership-emergence-theory.html

[4] The timeline exercise is described by Terry Walling here as a part of an online Focused Living learning process: https://vimeo.com/157802961

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