Enhanced Calling Statement David O. Kueker – April 4, 2003

Enhanced Calling Statement – David O. Kueker – April 4, 2003

Major Role: Communicate (focal element) my entrepreneurial & creative visions inside and outside the church (Apostle), bringing all concerned to the highest possible quality results (Ruling Steward).

Influence Elements:
Communicator (NA/FE) — Apostle (SP) — Ruling Steward (AS – Manager for Quality Results)
— Minor gifts: supported in the sweet spot by Word of Wisdom & Faith

Effective Methodologies:

1. Communicator: Highest quality sermons and presentations based on breakthrough research that stimulate discussion and life changing application resulting in significant innovation for quality results.
(Dave —> Us —> World) My research helps me formulate powerful presentations, which we then discuss, adapt and apply to our situation, which then impacts the world as we begin to live these research principles authentically in our lives. My orientation is to speak to audiences as a performer and deliver the presentation like a concert.

2. Dream Designer: a clear vision generates behaviors that bring it to pass. Dreaming is courageous and contagious; I dream out loud and encourage others to dream.

3. Intensity: Encourage excitement and enthusiasm in myself and others thru worthy BHAGs (big hairy audacious goals). I manage fears, take risks, stay in flow, win big, give thanks. I’m better when it’s tough; challenges awaken my best efforts, and I love bringing an order out of chaos, quality out of failure, function out of dysfunction.

4. Calm love: unconditional positive regard mixed with a faithful, confident hope for others. It is God who is in control, bringing God’s purpose to reality. I cooperate with Jesus Christ.

5. Lead from the middle, gently working through others without intimidation or coercion: When the leader is successful, the people will say: “We did it ourselves.” (Lao Tzu)

Ultimate Contribution (rank in parentheses):
Researcher (2)———-> STYLISTIC PRACTITIONER (1) ———>Pioneer (5)
Writer (4)                             Public Speaker (3)                                          Founder (8)
Promoter (6)
Stabilizer (7)

My primary contribution is as a Stylistic Practitioner, supported by my research and writing on the one hand, and expressed in my equipping others for pioneering ministries into which I have design input.
I am an Architect of Ideas. I may not be able to build every plan that I create, but there are more builders than architects.
As an Organizer of Breakthrough Teams, I equip and organize people into teams that serve together, according to passion, using diverse gifts, and expressing personal style. I do this in a respectful, gentle manner: When the leader is successful, the people will say: “We did it ourselves.” (Lao Tzu)

Only barbarians are not curious about where they come from, how they came to be, where they are, where they appear to be going, whether they wish to go there, and if so, why, and if not, why not. Isaiah Berlin


NOTE: The Enhanced Calling statement is a followup to the preceding Biblical Purpose statement. Both are single pages and were followed by 30 additional pages exploring the nuances.

The Enhanced Calling statement utilizes more of the concepts and terminology of Dr Bobby Clinton’s understanding of lifelong leadership development.

The Enhanced Calling statement has been helpful to me, but the biblical Purpose Statement has been a foundation for my self-understanding since written in 2004. It has kept me grounded in God’s purpose through many crises for over 14 years now. It’s easy to recognize a biblical purpose statement, as it begins with a single statement of purpose, followed by a list of values, followed by a list of vision statements whereby one will implement those values. That threefold structure is the signature of Dr Terry Walling’s Focused Living process of discerning one’s call and God’s will.


In terms of focusing your energy, how helpful would it be to understand God’s calling and path for your life?

In terms of saving time and trouble, how helpful would it be to understand God’s will and purpose for your life?

Where are you now on track with fulfilling God’s purpose? Where are you now off track with regard to fulfilling God’s purpose for your life?

What percentage of your working time is spent on fulfilling your calling? What percentage of your time is spent fulfilling the desires of other people?


See the resources noted as a part of the Biblical Purpose statement.

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