#012 Panel of experts: Krista Varady

#012 Panel of experts: Krista Varady
The Every-Other-Day Diet: The Diet That Lets You Eat All You Want (Half the Time) and Keep the Weight Off
Dec 31, 2013 | Kindle eBook
by Krista Varady
Krista Varady
Associate Professor, Kinesiology and Nutrition
Focus Areas
Cardiovascular Health
Obesity and Diabetes
Body Composition
Krista Varady, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Nutrition at the University of Illinois, Chicago. Her research focuses on the efficacy of intermittent fasting for weight loss, weight maintenance, and cardio-protection in obese adults. Her work is funded by the NIH, American Heart Association, International Life Sciences Institute, and the University of Illinois. She has published over 50 publications on this topic, and is also the author of a book for the general public, entitled the “Every Other Day Diet”.
Selected Grants
National Health and Medical Research Counsel, Australia, The alternate day fasting diet in adolescents with obesity: a randomized controlled trial, Co-I (PI: Baur, Louise)
National Institutes of Health (R01HL106228), Alternate day fasting for weight loss, weight maintenance, and cardio-protection, PI
National Institutes of Health (R01HL095701), Effects of low carbohydrate and low fat diets on endothelial function in obesity., Co-I (Phillips, S)
American Heart Association, Alternate day fasting: Effects on lipid metabolism, PI
Selected Publications
“Book for the general public”, The Every-Other-Day Diet: The Diet That Lets You Eat All You Want (Half the Time) and Keep the Weight Off
Publication Aggregators
Notable Honors
2017 – Mead Johnson Young Investigator Award, American Society for Nutrition
2015 – Malaspina Scholar Award, International Life Sciences Institute
2015 – Researcher of the Year, Rising Star, Clinical Sciences, University of Illinois Chicago
2010 – Future Leader Award in Nutrition, International Life Sciences Institute
Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of California, Berkeley, 2006-2008
PhD, Human Nutrition, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, 2002-2006
BS, Nutrition and Dietetics, University of Guelph, Guelph, Canada, 1998-2002
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