1.06 Decide to create systems, not goals.

#103 001. Decide to create systems, not goals.
[1] Scripture
[2] 1. Decide to create systems, not goals. Commit to a process, not a goal. Don’t just set a goal of creating better customer relationships; commit to calling at least two customers a day to ask how you can better serve them. Don’t just set a goal of landing new clients; commit to cold-calling at least two leads every day. Commit to a process that leads to a goal, and you’re much more likely to achieve that goal. Focus on what you will do, not on what you hope will happen. [2]


A goal is the desired output of his system . The concept of a system includes inputs, Outputs, in a process that links the two in steps. Each step is likely a system in itself. You need an understanding of all 3 plus the timing necessary Call the system.

In computer systems software development this is referred to as HIPO. A hierarchy provides input to a process which operates to produce outputs. When we set a goal we are defining the output we desire.

It’s important to make certain that the output list is complete. President Kennedy’s famous goal “to put a man on the moon” was not complete without the 2nd phrase “and return him safely.” The 2nd phrase completely changed the requirements to meet the goal and made it significantly more difficult. Simplistic goals are dangerous; they leave out the safety necessary to survive and thrive. We need to be clear about outputs and the best way to do that is to formulate goals.

In modular software programming design the system passes inputs to a module within which they are worked upon and then returned as output.

QUESTIONS for thinking it through:

How could this clarify my Reality?

How could this benefit if added to my Disciplines?

Who needs to hear this?


[1] Scripture

[2] #1, from Jeff Haden, “90 Smart Ways to Radically Boost Your Productivity: An epic list of ways to increase your personal productivity and be a lot more successful.” It was published on Inc.com on1/9/2017. https://www.inc.com/jeff-haden/first-90-days-90-ways-to-boost-your-productivity.html



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