1.19 Divide time and tasks with the 80/20 rule.

#116 C110 Secret #10: They follow the 80/20 rule.  (as a part of the process)
[1] Scripture

[2] Secret #10: They follow the 80/20 rule.
Known as the Pareto Principle, in most cases 80% of outcomes come from only 20% of activities. Ultra-productive people know which activities drive the greatest results, and focus on those and ignore the rest.



What gets my attention?
Do I understand the need or problem?
Do I understand the potential solution?
Do I understand how to apply that strategy?
What questions do I have for the experts? What might be the answers?
Who needs to hear this?
What do I do next?


SOURCE – Footnotes:
[1]  15 Surprising Things Productive People Do Differently by Kevin Kruse, FORBES Jan 20, 2016, https://www.forbes.com/sites/kevinkruse/2016/01/20/15-surprising-things-productive-people-do-differently/?sh=26bef2be44b2

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