211 HIPPO HIERARCHY – There is a plan.

211 HIPPO HIERARCHY – There is a plan.
0 Anchor Post Template Simple Reality Disciplines
QUESTIONS for thinking it through:
How could this clarify my Reality?
How could this benefit if added to my Disciplines?
Who needs to hear this?
[1] This is an anchor post; its purpose is to begin a discussion on a particular topic, anchoring that conversation in the wisdom of the initial quote, which is from
The images are from ChurchArt.com, a subscription service.
The photo is by David Kueker.
The photo “
is by
and is from
Pixabay Unsplash
courtesy of the Flickr.com Creative Commons license.
Any Scripture quotations are from the Revised Standard Version of the Bible, copyright © 1946, 1952, and 1971 National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

Raw information:
HIERARCHY – There is a plan.
            HIPPO = Hierarchy, Input, Parse, Process, Output.
INPUT: SPRIG sources
            Scanning (Barbara Sher)
            Reading books
            Ideas from Facebook
Clipped into Evernote Inbox aka “Millpond/Reservoir” aka GTD Writing Inbox
PARSE: Tag & Bag = *A.PACT. (Outline with prompts)
            Examine notes in the Inbox one at a time.
            What is this? (GTD)
            Is this an Anchor that I can build a post around?
                        MBA Test = Solution? Problem? Reputable? Interesting? God?
                              SPRIG: Provides solution? Intense, widespread problem?
                                            Reputable – respectable? Market Interesting? God related?
                        No – Then “catch and release” – throw it back into the pond.
                        (On Jan 1 all library items are moved to an Evernote local notebook on the primary machine; no longer synced)
            Yes – then Parse with A.PACT tags.
                        A. Add Anchor Tag.
                        P Project (Blog=WIP_Evernote notebook)
                        A Author/source – optional.
                                    (a. for book authors,
                                    ? for common web sources – Inc, Forbes, etc.)
                        C Category Destination (blog category)
                        T Topic tags (t., h. prefix) – Optional
            Bag: Move to Anchor_ Notebook in blog Work In Progress Stack WIP
PROCESS – Write Basic Draft = NIFTY
Rule: Edit in Evernote, Mirror Copy to Blog
            Note has quote, initial thoughts: QNQS
            Insert project template.
            Fill in blanks.
            Tune up – polish and troubleshoot.
            Yes: Ready to Publish by copying to blog?
OUTPUT – Four Streams of Output =
Four Blogs, starting local (across the street) and moving outward: CRAWL
            Church: Kinmundy.Wordpress.com = a more effective specific local church.
            RealityDisciplines.com = more effective individuals, starting with me.
            AmbidextrousChurch.com = more effective churches.
            WesleyUpdated.com = connect Wesley original sources with modern insights.
            Lamentations – divorce, abuse, addictions, mental illness …
                        For future consideration, too personal and difficult to consider now.
Each blog has projects which correspond to categories and subcategories on the blog.
RAD CYCLE: This rewriting & revision loop fulfills the MBA purpose:
            “to add value to information from a variety of sources (input -> process),
            to provide innovative spoken and written solutions (product/output)
            for intense and widespread human problems (market)
            in harmony with God’s will (evaluative process)
            and validated/vindicated in the marketplace.” (fruit and fruitful harvest).
Posts “evolve” until they are mature and considered complete.
Do …
            After a specific time, review this post in Evernote and on the blog.
                        1331: 1 week, for 3 months, for 3 more quarters for 1 year – “put manure around it”
                                    Weekly review: review posts for past 7 days.
                                    Monthly review: one day for month, review last 30 days for up to three months.
                                    Quarterly review: one additional day per quarter, review last 90 days, for 3 quarters.
                                    Yearly review: retreat, conclude that post/project is complete after 1 year.
            Tag with next review date.
ADD VALUE CYCLES – add value to information to enhance MBA Purpose.
            1. Additional thoughts upon review?
            2. Additional quotes that would be helpful?
                        Use Evernote Context to link with items in Millpond.
                        From google searching on this focused topic.
            3. Need to upgrade to a more complex template?
DUPLICATE changes to blog post.
            Rule: Edit in Evernote, Copy to Blog
            This allows Evernote Context to identify new resources.
Loop until the post feels completed … no more improvements.
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