Question #2. What is an effective method for systematically creating content?

In clarifying my own personal writing workflow process for “The Writing Pastor” Workshop, I hope to answer the following questions:
     1. What did I learn from my experience of developing a blog for a local church audience at
     2. What did I learn from my experience of researching effective blogging practices and posting them at
3. What worked for me and what did not work?
4. While I would appreciate feedback on any part of this project – and commenting on a blog post is one way to provide it – I would probably bring printed examples of my plan for how to write methodically (“writing workflow”) for group discussion and feedback that would benefit me.
5. The Writing Workflow which I am creating is posted in “The Writing Pastor” Category as WRITING WORKFLOW FOR BLOGGING. I’ll be making updates to that post up until the day it is time to share it in the workshop, at which time I will print out the current version.
This post is to allow conversation and feedback on this part of the my project. If you comment, you can  begin with a number to let us know which of the five topics above you wish to speak about.
The photo is by Spektrum78 is is from
The translation of “Sie haben den Ruf, direkt und ehrlich zu sein” is “They have the call (summons/reputation … calling?) to be direct and honest.
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