My Simple rules: Next Steps

My Simple rules: What are the Next Steps?
What needs to be done on the blog when I return from the Writing Pastor Workshop?
Create Six Clear Signature Blog Templates
1. Quote and Note Simple (SOW type Questions)
2. Quote and Note Monroe Questions
3. Basic 101 Post Template … modified for categories.
4. Basic Dissertation Template
5. Basic Monday School Template
6. Basic JIG Template (Jesus Imperative Gospel)
7. Ambidextrouschurch Questions Application
[Note listing unused questions.]
[Expand, add value by answering questions]
JIG = Jesus Imperative Gospel
JIN = Jesus Imperative New Testament, rest of
JIB = Jesus Imperative Bible, rest of
JIP = Jesus Imperative Proverbs … wisdom.
QNQS Structure: Quote, Note, Questions (for expansion to add value), Sources (footnotes)
HIPPO:  Hierarchy, Input, Parse, Process, Output.
A.PACT Parsing:
Anchor = something worth building a post around. If not present, it’s for context at this time.
. (rest of parsing task follows)
Project: Dissertation. (indicates output blog also)
Author: a.Kueker
Category destination tag: bc.dissertation
Tag: (t. tags further describe the topic) and Bag: (WIP project notebook.)
AFPA Processing:  Add template to quote, Fill out template, Proofread & Post, Add value in review cycles.
Build the store … spruce up each of the three current Output blogs.
Flag merchandise (posts) that belongs elsewhere for transport.
Flag merchandise that should be hidden – not ready for viewing.
Convert some not done to  “stub” – jot, quote and note template.
Work on JIGs and Dissertation Category for Collegeville.
Create Category Structure
Write initial pages – About, Copyright/Affiliates, Photo Credits
Write Intro posts – Archetypes, Generic Common Wisdom, Wesley’s Primitive Physick, etc..
Transfer posts from Ambidextrous that belong here.
– Monday School
– Events and Activities
– Teaching – Monday School Facebook meditations
– Administration: Local church documents
The image is from, a subscription service.
Any Scripture quotations are from the Revised Standard Version of the Bible, copyright © 1946, 1952, and 1971 National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

Raw information:
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