The MBA purpose, part 1.

QUOTE: 2. MBA Purpose: As an architect of ideas, I add value to information from a variety of sources (input), to provide innovative spoken and written solutions (product) for intense and widespread human problems (market) in harmony with God’s will (evaluative process). I write best selling books and my ideas benefit the lives of over a million people. I am profitable to others and myself. I may not be able to implement all my ideas myself, but there are more builders than architects. [1]

Biblical Purpose: I exist to live in fruitful communion with Jesus the vine, fulfilling his purpose and will for my life, both in relationships and all that I have received, with the continual help of those who come alongside (paraclete). [2]

1. As a part of the Vine (John 15), I am fruitful according to my DNA. I do not sacrifice, but am very fruitful (P) season after season. I grow along a prepared path of least resistance and the greatest fruitfulness. I yield to God’s wisdom. I am faithful to my growing edge and my root relationships – family, Jesus, friends (PC). [3]

NOTES: At some time back in the far, dark past, circa 1990, I formulated my writing purpose, which I call the MBA Purpose. It was an understanding of my call to writing as a ministry. At that time I was married and had been a full-time pastor for ten years. I was midway in a  long-term pastorate that lasted 10 years, owned my own house and my focus was on functioning codependently in a marriage that would end in 1998. I was arranging life so as to attempt to meet her needs; after she was happy, I could hopefully direct some energy toward a few of my needs. “MBA” stood for Millionaire Best-selling Author because codependency is expensive and this kind required money.

Later, life eased and it became Minster Best Selling Author as I became fascinated with pastors who also wrote novels. George MacDonald, Lewis Carrol, John Bunyan, Jonathan Swift and Charles Kingsley are examples.

Later, life became more simple and it became Ministry By Authorship. Our readers are, in fact, a congregation to whom we can minister. By the time of the 2004 Life Long Leadership course as a part of my Fuller DMin, my calling with regard to writing had clarified. John Wesley, Rick Warren and Frances Chan are examples.

In the post-it note timeline exercise, writing came up consistently as something that I wanted to do. I came to understand that this was a part of what God called me to do and therefore a part of what God created and shaped me to do. Like breathing, it’s normal.

QUESTIONS for thinking it through:

How is writing or being an author a part of your calling?

How clear is that calling?

Have you put it into writing?


[1] The MBA Purpose quote is from my Biblical Purpose Statement, which can be read here:

[2] Ibid.

[3] Ibid.

The image is from, a subscription service.

Any Scripture quotations are from the Revised Standard Version of the Bible, copyright © 1946, 1952, and 1971 National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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