Biblical Foundations for the Cell-Based Church by Joel Comiskey

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QUOTE: Why cell church? Is it because David Cho’s church is a cell church and happens to be the largest church in the history of Christianity? Is it because cell church is the strategy that many “great” churches are using?

Ralph Neighbour repeatedly says, “Theology must breed methodology.”Joel Comiskey has arrived at the same conclusion. Biblical truth is the only firm foundation for anything we do. Without a biblical base, we don’t have a strong underpinning upon which we can hang our ministry and philosophy. We can plod through most anything when we know that God is stirring us to behave biblically.

In the first section of this book, Comiskey establishes why the Bible is the only true foundation for small group ministry. He then looks at how the Trinity is our example for community. He covers the family in the Old Testament and how the most prominent image of the church is God’s family. He then explores how Jesus called out a new family and utilized houses to establish this new family.

BOTH/AND – #1. A cell by definition is a small group whose focus is evangelism – to both make disciples and raise them in spiritual families to make their own disciples and lead their own spiritual families. Effective small groups are what is missing in today’s church and the cell DNA is what is missing in most small groups.

#2. A small USA church under 100 in worship is more kin to rapidly growing third world cell churches with over 100,000 members than it is to a neighboring USA church with 300 in worship. Cell DNA introduced into pure small churches can result in hybrid vigor.

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