Blog 1Thing Identify audience for each blog. 1/4/20

Identify audience for each blog.
Move category material to the proper audience.
Audience: My appointment.
Audience: UMC Pastors and disciple making lay leaders. KRD and IGRC.
Box of Ideas
Audience: individuals who want self-improvement.
Box of Ideas

————– Jerusalem, Judea Samaria … flowing outward from local
Kinmundy … KRD … IRGC … UMC … USA.
Audience: learning environment for disciple making and left handed church. A class. Focus on doing.
Focused marketing … a la Pamela Wilson.
1. DiscipleMaking101 class.
2. Consultants work with small churches
3. IOSME: Imaginary Order of St Matthew the Evangelist.
4. Basically, a means to portray the implementing of the DiscipleMaking101 ideas in small churches.
Audience: learning environment for scholarly discussion of Ambidextrous Churches. Based on DMin project and related scholarship. Information sharing.
Focused marketing … a la Pamela Wilson.

NOTE (my commentary)

What does this quote say?
What does it say that I should obey?
What is the wish? What are the outcomes?
What are the basic steps?
What are the obstacles?
Who needs to hear this?


SOURCE – Footnotes:

Please review the page How and Why We Use Quotes.
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