10-16.70 Artificial sweeteners that raise insulin should be expected to be harmful, not beneficial.

QUOTE (emphasis mine): “Despite reducing sugar, diet sodas do not reduce the risk of obesity, metabolic syndrome, strokes or heart attacks. But why? Because it is insulin, not calories, that ultimately drives obesity and metabolic syndrome. The important question is this: Do artificial sweeteners increase insulin levels?

Sucralose13 raises insulin by 20 percent, despite the fact that it contains no calories and no sugar. This insulin-raising effect has also been shown for other artificial sweeteners, including the “natural” sweetener stevia. Despite having a minimal effect on blood sugars, both aspartame and stevia raised insulin levels higher even than table sugar.14

Artificial sweeteners that raise insulin should be expected to be harmful, not beneficial. Artificial sweeteners may decrease calories and sugar, but not insulin. Yet it is insulin that drives weight gain and diabetes.”


NOTE (my commentary): the issue with gaining weight is too much sugar and too much insulin in the bloodstream.

Because the sugar is not needed for metabolism because the cells are full, the extra insulin happily works to make the excess sugar into fat.

The problem is sweeteners is the increase of insulin in a person whose blood sugar is already high, and the insulin is happy to add to your weight using the excess sugar in the bloodstream.

If insulin is high, then the body’s set point for weight will also be high, and the body will automatically regain to that point of obesity. If insulin is consistently low, then the set point of the body will lower itself as well. Even though sweeteners do not increase blood sugar, they do increase insulin and lead directly to gaining weight rather than losing it.

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SOURCE – Footnotes:
[1]  “The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss” by Dr. Jason Fung, Timothy Noakes

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