8 elements to create flow

8 elements to create flow

1. Clarity of goals and immediate feedback
2. A high level of concentration on a limited field
3. Balance between skills and challenge. Do-able. Within reach.

Observation: this is like GTD execution … you’re following a clear process with clear steps, not reinventing the game, the process, the rules with every play. Input-Process-Output.

Results of this immersion experience:
4. The feeling of control … security and relaxation …
5. Effortlessness … harmoniously and effortlessly. All necessary decisions arise spontaneously from the demands of the activity without any deliberate reflection. (Rules already made.)
6. An altered perception of time
7. The melting together of action and consciousness
8. The autotelic quality of flow-experiences: IROI. Intrinsic motivation.

Questions for the playing field:
1. Are the goals clear?
2. Does the game provide immediate feedback?
3. Does the environment encourage a high level of concentration on a limited field?
4. Does the environment Minimize distractions?
5. Do the goals feel do-able? Within reach?

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