Prayer Time 4-7-20

I’m wondering if Behavior shows that it is time that I retire. I’m working hard to be a millionaire best selling author, the architect of ideas, the writer who writes on everything. The pressure of following a Five Focus life as described in the focusing technique encouraged by Warren Buffett is leading me to admit that my interest and energy is just not simply about producing a gigantic body of written work. At one time it was very exciting and filled with possibilities. Now it is not.

I gave myself a deadline a year ago. I know exactly what I need to do to fulfill it. Day after day week after week I apply no energy toward this task but instead simply avoid it. The old fantasies of what is possible to achieve we’re not even fun to engage in as they once were.

I don’t know if the wise thing is to leave the ground fallow for a while and do nothing with it, and hopes that there may be a change of heart. Or if it’s wise to begin to just simply close up shop and Shake the Dust off my feet.

I also think it’s possible that I am not pursuing the goal of writing as a way to do John chapter 15. Rather than flowing out of me as a natural expression of God’s energy and Grace, it’s something that I find myself needing to force myself to do. Part of this is my mental tendency to design gigantic projects that’s overwhelming me and are just simply too difficult to do.

I feel like I have wasted so much and precious resources over the years. I have fulfilled my Gallup strengths of learning and Gathering input for learning in the form of thousands of Kindle books that I cannot give away and seem uninterested in Reading.

Next question … back to the question I took to the Collegeville seminar in Louisville Kentucky almost 18 months ago: what is my proper stewardship and responsibility to this mountain of information that I have gathered over all these many years?

Should I simply trash it, as in the shake the dust off my feet metaphor?

Or is it wiser to sort through it and just simply leave it available, laying about, as the hobbits left the treasures lay on the grass in the sun outside the Barrow Wite’s tomb?


Example: OPW.

Option 1: blog post form. Many small tasks, quick to closure on each. Many finish lines, many victories.

Resist giant project focus.
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