FEES: Health

FEES: Health
Pay your FEES

Intermittent FEEDING:
Fast 24 or 36 hrs 3x weekly
Food diary kept: Journey app.
Eat real food, not processed.
No artificial sweeteners
Moderate Keto weekdays … few carbs.
Moderate protein consumption.
16 oz vegetables daily
No food after 7 pm
No food between meals;
3 meals or less daily.

Incremental EXERCISE: Options
– Walk 123 miles 3x week
– Eliptical = steps or minutes.
– Fitbit Steps
– Weights (24 reps x1 @15 lbs) 3x week

Inexorable EXAMEN:
– Foyer computer, evenings

Intentional BEDTIME:< 10.30
Bed > 8 hours.
Sleep > 7 hours

Natural planning model:
Defining purpose and principles

Outcome visioning



Identifying next actions

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