General Survey … CHAMPs Paths.

Listening Prayer 4.18-22.20

General Survey … CHAMPs Paths.
Prayers answered are better than a magic wand.

Lag measures:

Lag measures: 1. BS A1C normal, no meds needed, diabetes reversed. No ED; make own T.

1. Lead measures: weight normal =
decrease carbs and sugar input
+ decrease hyperinsulinemia
+ intermittent fasting
+ sleep =>7

ARCHITECT OF IDEAS = (CliftonStrengths top 5)
Lag measures:
1. Should I retire? Simply shake the dust off my feet?
2. I will not overcome the local “prophet in his own home town” liability.
3. Who is my audience? Am I really interested in serving them?
4. What is the resistance … am I just surrendering to resistance?

LEARNER is not about depth or mastery. (GALLUP on YOUTUBE)
It’s about what is new and awareness and adaptation to change and endless curiosity and interest.
Revisit an unfinished project … ask why you abandoned it? What still interests you?
Open sponge, interested in everything.
Can keep a team aware and capable on the growing edge.
Learners are emotional, inquisitive.
Feed your learner or it will eat your lunch.
Learner is always hungering to learn. – big idea vs details (=analysis), mastery
Pay attention to your curiosity … allow yourself to explore.
3 Questions:
1. What is your specialty?
2. If you invest and improve more on that, what might happen?
3. What do you need to learn more about?

Possible Pull Projects:
OPW Orientation to Pastoral Work
Spiritual Disciplines = Methodist Merit Badges
Commentary on Dissertation Paragraphs
Reflection on Jesus Imperatives – exegesis is always interesting

Understand my Developmental research: love and nurture. Affection and playfulness. Fun and naughty; her losing control.
Being attractive to others, affirmed and desired. Asexual relationships become healed (hope) like marriage = nurture + sexuality.
Enthusiasm and competence about nurture and romance.

Betrayal = powerful reaction.
Faithful in a little, faithful over much. If you can’t be trusted for daily nurture and romance, how can you be trusted elsewhere. You’re already unfaithful.

AND it’s OK to be a man, the man in charge, to want, ask, demand. My needs also matter; I’m not a victim or the codependent. I can be the boss for women to choose to be led, to follow, to obey, to let the man be in charge. To go along, to trust. Truly partners; competent, trustworthy.
Kim enjoys the back seat of motorcycle.

“You can have all you want. I want you.”
“I belong to you … anytime, anywhere, I’m yours. You’re my man, I’m your woman.”
“I’m so attracted to you. I want more.”
“I’m here for you.”

Power, change, transformation and growth, hope, potential, partnership, symbiotic.

Turn on: cooperating to make life better … feeds into PRODUCTIVITY. Kim complaints and resistance to my solving them with her is a turn off.


Calendar Restraints: none – “shelter in place”
CHURCH – Forster Five
C1 PA: Work in PA Notebook, daily calls
C2 SR: Work on sermon, Spiritual Disciplines
C3 TO: Todoist.
C4 Remainder w/Audible
Health: FEES
H1 Intermittent Fasting, day type: Varady/Fung/VIRTA
2nd BS:
H2 Incremental Exercise: 24x15lbs. x25 lbs, Eliptical. Walking.
H3 Inexorable Examen – OUTPUT: Daily Shalom, Daily monitoring
H4 Intentional Sleep Bedtime: 10.30 … 8 hours
M: Connect with Kim: DACHA. D+RAGcO. S=
Productivity Steward:

A3t THREE Writing Time: (Hemingway) at scheduled time:
A2t TWO Reading:
A1t ONE Morning Devotions subRoutine
Scripture: John
Listening Prayer

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