Glover: Holding Your Frame

Holding Your Frame

When a woman is creating negative emotional tension with you, it is an invitation to connect more deeply or get back into a conscious connection that has waned. NET is a sign that a woman craves your presence and deeply desires to be penetrated by you.

Whether its shit tests when you first meet a woman, or a woman’s nagging, complaining, or sexual unavailability in a LTR, welcome negative emotional tension for what it is – an invitation to connect and go deeper.

Even when your male brain is screaming, “she’s pissed,” “she’s rejecting me,” or “what the fuck?” and you want to spray the wet stuff on the red stuff; hold on to yourself. The woman doesn’t want you to cave in or fix anything. She just wants you to be conscious and present.

Every time you hold on to yourself and resist your initial fight, fight, or flee impulse when a woman creates negative emotional tension, it is an amazingly powerful opportunity for you to grow as a man, build trust with a woman, and take her places she’s never been before.

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