HEALTH Process System

HEALTH Process System

FEES: Health
Pay your FEES

Intermittent FEEDING:
Fast 24 or 36 hrs 3x weekly
Food diary kept: Journey app.
Eat real food, not processed.
No artificial sweeteners
Moderate Keto weekdays … few carbs.
Moderate protein consumption.
16 oz vegetables daily unless fasting
No food after 7 pm
No food between meals;
3 meals or less daily.

Incremental EXERCISE: Options
– Walk 123 miles 3x week
– Eliptical = steps or minutes.
– Fitbit Steps
– Weights (24 reps x1 @15 lbs) 3x week

Inexorable EXAMEN:
– Foyer computer, evenings

Intentional BEDTIME:< 10.30
Bed > 8 hours.
Sleep > 7 hours

Testosterone, ED

Natural planning model:
Defining purpose and principles

Outcome visioning



Identifying next actions

Problems List: Health

Shaking hands, especially while eating.
Diabetes numbers, A1C.
Diabetes numbers, blood sugar.
Sleep Numbers.
Erectile dysfunction.
Libido dysfunction.
Testosterone levels.
Unwanted infections, cellulitis.
Unwanted infections, sinusitis.
Tooth decay.
Difficulty following intermittent fasting protocols.
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