Janice Sheridan Therapist 6/?

Janice Sheridan Therapist 6/?

Wife and I – COVID19 positive March 22, 2020. Discharged by county health 3/30. I was hospitalized for a very large saddle pulmonary emboli 4/9 through 4/12.
She is now virulently in PTSD for it. This exacerbates all her survivor issues, and it’s clear that PTSD reaction to stress has been a lifestyle coping mechanism for her throughout her adult life and our marriage.

I need help remaining calm and centered and nonreactive to all the PTSD symptoms, including her avoiding, preventing communication and frequent amygdala hijacks. I need to set up a support system I can activate as needed, and get some clarity about how to cope with this stress.

I am a recovering codependent, so my desire to help is intensely rejected, leaving me feel powerless and “not partners.” On the other hand, I’m expected to immediately provide whatever she needs in the moment without any concern for my feelings, because she’s a “victim” and powerless to control her emotions.

Second, I’ve learned that I am a survivor of childhood neglect, and I have major trust issues around abandonment and neglect, and a marital history of distance/pursuer and “betrayal bond” relationships in two previous marriages. So this is like the worst possible situation for me.

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