living the myth of Sisyphus

Listening prayer 5/20/20.

I know that in writing I am not interested in living the myth of Sisyphus. I want to work on a project, finish it and then let it do good. I don’t want to continually start over and reinvent the same wheel again and again and again. I want to be done and move on to something new and interesting.

How could I do this?
Design the program
Write the program
Run the program
Done with the program
Debug the program … but only where adjustments are needed. Tweak & fix errors.

Dating, love, marriage:
Attractive to me it’s all about partnership, working together and living together for the best outcome possible for both of us. Physical attractiveness really doesn’t have anything to do with it. I guess I am overcoming a deficit in family with the person I am looking for. I’m fixing a hole. I’m looking for a wife, not a one time one night stand.

Glover calls this a ‘really good woman’ (RGW). Quote: this is the kind of woman who will bless your life, challenge you and healthy ways, and bring out the best in you.

5/5 Seeking: SPIN+MRS – loyal partner
Stability emotional financial reasonable
Partnership trustworthy invested committed
Intelligence education morals values decent
Nurture worker brings out the best in me
MRS Romance Sex Attraction Desire

Won’t tolerate: DUAL+D (Betrayal, user)
Dishonesty, false dealing, betrayal, stealing
Unfaithful, relationship betrayal, disloyal
Addictions selfish sociopathic users
Liars Deceptive secrets duplicity con job
Distancer, building a separate life, leaving


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