Motivational Pleasures: what pleasure makes doing an activity a pull goal?

Motivational Pleasures

Motivational Pleasures: what pleasure makes doing an activity a pull goal? What draws me to do it rather than avoiding it? Why do I want to do this?

I love answers to prayer, God working. PA
I love delivering helpful sermons. SR
I love planning and creating those sermons.
I love the church operating smoothly. TO
Help people, including me.
(Goals could enable flow.)
Only goal now is to respond to crisis.

Intermittent Fasting
Rules: 3x/week, after 7, veggies, sweeteners
= Blood Sugar, Weight loss, A1C
Incremental Exercise:
Rules: walk, weights, stretching
= T, Muscle mass, Flexibility
Inexorable Examen
= Staying on track, learning (Erotic capability?)
Intentional Sleep
Rules: bedtime, hours in bed, hours slept.
= REM Sorting, Deep Healing, hours.
Help me.

Help people, starting with me.
Appreciation and respect of others.
Communicate my learning; permanence.
Make a permanent record.
Unworthy: Get attention, fan club.
Unworthy: millionaire author (compete, Debi)
Rules: 2 Tomatoes reading, 3 writing.

*Cycles of rewriting: S.O.W. Questions, Monroe’s Mountain, Pamela Wilson, images version?
*What level of rewriting meets MY needs?

M = partner, manager of home life & finance
R = romantic, fun playmate – pleasure
S = sensuality, sex, pair bonding (abandonment and neglect needs)
Rules: full Norwood, for PTSD; Glover.

The unifying, linking habit. Function and Elegance. Systems to Flywheel.

Examen here = Staying on track, learning

1. Work not done to closure = good records
Ex. Hiestand family tree missing.
Therefore sisyphus, ephemeral.

2. Avoidance of the flock … why?

3. Avoidance of Disciple making actions … develop a brilliant plan, then lazy ignore it. No implementation.

4. Obsessed with marital emotional needs. Distracted.

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