Problems List: MRS

Problems List: MRS

Her territoriality, and anger to protect it.
Her anger surrounding frustration on trips.
Her anger over bluetooth cell phone connections in her car.

Living with her leftover problems from being a survivor.
Living with my leftover problems from being a survivor of neglect, and abandonment.
My codependency.
Her under functioning and my over functioning.
My 12-step defensive systems against change
Her 12-step defensive systems against change.
Lack of desire to learn, comparative little curiosity.
Lack of desire to learn new information, comparative little curiosity.
Lack of desire to change her life, improve, solve problems, learn new ways, comparative little curiosity.
Strong desire for control, doing it her way, even when it is not working.
Territorial rather than cooperative.
Only aware of her birth family system, not interested in reading or learning.
Misguided empathy, she won’t listen to me, adjust or question her assumptions.
Misguided empathy, she assumes what I think or feel, will not question her assumptions.
With the lack of questioning her impressions she is reactive.
No physical genital desires.
Lots of genital sores, no medical treatment.
Let viagra prescription lapse.
No libido. Kills mine.
I love conversation and thinking about ideas.
She loves TV and other mentally passive pastimes (but not my ideas).
I overwhelm her with information.
When overwhelmed she stops listening.
If I continue while she is overwhelmed she reacts to stop the flow of information.

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