Purpose of Writing

Purpose of Writing

Not need to orally explain everything.
Put advice to myself in writing … focus.
Put info & advice in writing for others.
Don’t bury the talent = info I have received.
Do something useful and enduring with information I discover.
Things put into writing last.

Be significant and famous. (Debi)
Make huge piles of money. (Debi)
External validation and ambition. (Debi)

MEANS – 7 Blogs
Church & life information notebooks.
Idea warehouses: KC, AC & RD Blogs
Fulfill Clifton Strengthsfinder interests.
“I find this quote interesting.”
Ideas rain down, flow across the plains, each finding their own low place, streams leading to a lake.

Focus Content Marketing Blogs. Tribes.
DW, DM101, 4CR, ADPC
Imaginary Order of St Matthew Evangelist
Circles of Grace novels
One Minute Minister

Method: 90/90/1.

Caveats & CONCERNS
Should I retire from writing?
Am I wasting my time?
What is God’s will and my calling?
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