SAFER Projects: Security, Accountability, Forecast, Expectations Report

SAFER: Security, Accountability, Forecast, Expectations, Report

Projects in process:
– Dave’s Medicare Part D
– Kim’s Health Insurance

Balance in accounts…
Miles to next oil change …
– Escape
– Edge
– other maintenance
Parsonage repairs:
Bills unpaid and noteworthy
Tithe caught up?
– Health Savings account?

Next Austin and further
– Jan 1-9
– Sunday replacement: 1/5/20:

Next Personal and farther:
– Branson
– Cancel Airport Hilton reservation
– Mascoutah Best Western reservations
– Dec 31
– Jan 27-29
– Brian reimburse earlier payment
– Remaining payments Dec 15

Vacations more than a month in advance
– over Sundays 2 months in advance

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