Scream free marriage to blog. Blog Principles

Scream free marriage to blog.

Simple rules:
No codependent hovering, waiting for the phone to ring to make plans to meet up.
Plans not made cannot be protested.
You lose your temper, you lose what you want.
Crunch mode requested: freed from normal time expectations
Disconnect from the District office. Detach.
No more District trips or hanging out there.
Don’t interrupt her at the District office.
Not your venting target or your scapegoat.

Did exactly what you asked, then was criticized, blamed and corrected.

Live Victoriously, not Vicariously.
My Reading, her TV.
I want to live with a sexually aroused wife who desires me romantically and sexually, not just read about such women.
I want to have the hottest sex in my life with my wife, in monogamy, not just read about it.

You have no problems if you have no goals
You have no Obstacles if you have no wished (WOOP). If you are suffering, your first step is to define health.

Norwood prescriptions.

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