Sexuality Reality

Sexuality Reality

Secret relationships, secret sexuality
Forbidden relationships, sexuality

Manipulated for intimacy vs aloneness
Humiliation bargain for intimacy v aloneness
Controlled into helplessness, immobilized
Forced but closeness

Not listened to
Your opinion doesn’t matter
Wishes ignored
Left behind at church, stores
Only boys matter

= abandonment and neglect

Fear but not of pain or violence
Startle reflex
Dreams of serial killer chasing, murder
Windows … someone could come inside

Avoidance, Escape … alcohol, TV,



Nurture foundation to sexual
Personal affirmation,
Infatuation stage of romance, PEA.

My lover is my partner in life (cake)
They add value to me.
Trust, reliable, reliance
Is a higher value than
My lover and I have fun (icing) … shallow.

Codependency through and through
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