Tips – Janice Sheridan 7/2/20

Tips – Janice Sheridan 7/2/20

– Enjoy living in denial; don’t miss the party.
– One day at a time; easy does it. Take joy.
– Don’t anticipate; solve only now problems.
– Make lemonade.
– Eat dessert, whenever it’s available.

– DO NOT switch to problem solving at times when she is in a good mood.
– BE NON-CODEPENDENT … full Norwood, detach, work on yourself, but love what’s good.
– Learn to chealthy boundaries

WHAT is the pull vision?

CONVERSIONS … problem > solutions.
– Audible Escape while waiting for sleep.
– Make a personal affirmation tape.
– Fast by eating only when Kim cooks.
– Diarrhea: less metformin, less coffee.
– Amygdala pleasures in response to hijack.
Make a decadent list.

PTSD Lifestyle coping, avoidance/storms
PTSD Lifestyle – is it harmful to me?
Kim … Agoraphobia?
Death of sex. (My problem, my preferred form of denial/escape isn’t working.)
No protocols for angry boundary violations.
(PTSD Behaviors are boundary violations.)
I prevent consequences from happening.

Mistake: when times are good, I want to be honest about how I’m feeling negative and ask for what I need and want. Good feeling ends. Positive progress lost.

I’m blessed that I am not propping Kim up to take advantage of me, not rescuing her. I am however asking for my needs to be met and getting neglected or rejected, depending on how passive or aggressive I push her. I am doing a two step request which isn’t working for me at all, which is to first ask her to solve her problems so that I can then ask her to provide for my needs. This two-step is totally codependent.

It is difficult for me to play and live mindful.

Distracted: MRS Problems & Codependency.
Implementation of new methods halted

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