WOOP Loops … my subROUTINEs.

WOOP Loops … my subROUTINEs.

The concept in the night was that I simply need to tie my research into the developing the process/program, and then run the program. This document adds the tasks and I will add the WOOP loops.

CHURCH – Orientation to Pastoral Work
PA: Circles + Listening =
Review my circles in prayer to identify next actions.
Perform the next actions.

S..R: Sermon + Blog =
Create the Series
Add information to the framework.
Create the slides.
Perfect the slides
Deliver the Sermon
Upload to the blog.
?Transcribe the sermon.
?Submit to BRAD rewriting process.
?What are the plans and goals for the church blog?

TO: Mark Forster + GTD Sorting = Flywheel e
Pomodoro 1: Daily plan – record in Journey app
GTDWeekly Review/ToDoist Review
Organization Planning – agenda – next actions
Remainder processing, filing, etc.

DM: Circles (Prayer Tool) + Discipleship System (FISH) = Ambidextrous Church.
Work the prayer tool subroutine.
Work the FISH Subroutine.
(Descending Grace?)


HEALTH – Reality Disciplines
Fasting: Fung + 3 fast days – sweeteners =
– Develop the Fung fasting rules.
– Track/Cut down on Sweeteners for Lent
– Fast 3 days a week, no sweeteners, with supper<800 calories, no carbs.
– consider 3 days fasting a week, 36 hour
– consider 4 days fasting a week, with supper<800 calories, no carbs.
– consider 4 days fasting a week, 36 hour
– Consider 2+2 days fasting a week, 60 hours
– NO eating after 7 pm or between meals
– How can my fasting become spiritually powerful?

– Weights daily.
– Consider walking routine.
– Consider stretching routine.

Examen – repent: daily tracking + WOOP
– Track all behaviors. Journey App.
– Identify problems to WOOP.
– Adapt MS Form Examen Checklist
– Develop Franklin 13
– Practice a Morning Clean Routine
– Practice an Evening Clean Routine
– Develop a prayerful handwashing routine.

– Set bedtime … schedule 8 hours in bed.
– Begin with Evening Clean Routine
– Reduce phone lights … use old Kindle and/or Audible or paper.
– Develop sleep prayers/affirmations.

Testosterone prayers
C = Clean Routines


ARCHITECT OF IDEAS … WRITING … actually Clifton Strengths.
Devotions – 1 Tomato … Daily Plan
Reading – 2 Tomatoes … on CHAMPs topics.
Writing – 3 Tomatoes … 90-90-1 – The 1thing = Writing.
– Review Clifton Strengths to define my writing purpose.
– Identify working projects.

– Add SOW Rules to Fasting Blog pages.
– Switch Disciplemaking 101 site to blog posts.
– Learn about blog tables.
– Switch Disciplewalk site to blog posts.
– Update all sermon tables to blog post tables.
– Consider areas where sermons are needed so I don’t repeat.
– Orientation to Pastoral Work as project for PASTOR Routines.
– Blogging on dissertation plan?

Big projects:
OPW Orientation to Pastoral Work
ODS/4CR … Orientation to Discipleship Systems
Blog on Disciplewalk Dissertation
Imaginary Order of St Matthew Evangelist
Revise DM 101 Book


MARRIAGE- Reality Disciplines
Practice a gentle Norwood self focus with loving detachment.


PRODUCTIVITY STEWARD (Thumb) – Reality Disciplines
Research the program.
Rewrite the program
Run the program
Revise the program (debug)

Order bluetooth mouse that can be used with an Android Tablet.
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