Being married … requires us to develop a level of maturity that few other experiences in life can match

I thought of you when I read this quote from “The Self-Centered Marriage: The Revolutionary ScreamFree Approach to Rebuilding Your “We” by Reclaiming Your “I”” by Hal Edward Runkel, Jenny Runkel – “

Yep, almost everyone wants to get married. Very few of us, however, want to really be married. Being married, being really married, asks more of us than any movie could ever show onscreen. In truth, not even premarital counseling, or watching our own parents have a fantastic relationship, could adequately prepare us. Being married—being truly married for life—requires us to develop a level of maturity that few other experiences in life can match—a maturity characterized by intense vulnerability, generous amounts of forgiveness, and undying patience. And that’s all just in the first year! (And, of course, every year thereafter.)

As the years add up, marriage quickly stops feeling like a rom-com and starts feeling like a sitcom. “Marriage is like a never-ending, unfunny episode of Everybody Loves Raymond,” says a character in Knocked Up. Sometimes, it’s even worse, like an episode of Roseanne.

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