GTD/NPM Focus: HEALTH – Reality Disciplines
Fasting: Fung + 3 fast days – sweeteners =
Exercise: Weights daily.
Examen – repent: daily tracking + WOOP
Sleep: Set bedtime, 8 hrs in bed, no phone.

GTD – the Natural Planning Model for FASTING
BORING: eating boring food because it’s there.
EXCITING: getting closer to my ideal weight and its benefits.

Step 1: Defining Purpose and Principles
I am happily living with and enjoying the benefits of being at my ideal weight.

Step 2: Outcome Visioning
My morning blood sugar is within healthy levels. My weight is healthy at 250 lbs or less. I sleep more than 6 hours a night and have all the sleep my body needs.

God has blessed me by answering my prayer for healing:
– To prevent or resolve infections, especially cellulitis, cystitis, sinusitis, any form of pneumonia and any viral infection.
– By medicine or miracle or natural process, the blood clot in my chest naturally dissolves without harming me or harming my heart, as well as any other blood clot in my body.
– I have no inflammation in my body whatsoever except that which is required for good health.
– My liver and pancreas have consumed ectopic fat for energy and now function normally.
– The gourmet food that I have stored throughout the decades is being consumed thankfully on fasting days.
– I produce my own testosterone, have a high libido and very hard erections.
– I enjoy the best sex in my life with my beautiful wife, better than anything that I have ever experienced, anything that I could ever imagine, anything I’ve read or anything that I have seen in a video.
– My muscle mass has increased, my joints are flexible and I have no pain in my body.

Step 3: Brainstorming
With this vision fresh on my mind, I started seven small mind maps–encapsulating all the actions and characteristics I want to translate into habits.

Step 4: Organizing
Here’s where I took all those principles, dreams, and brainstorms and translated them into a very doable list.

Step 5: Identifying Next Actions
Before placing these four items onto my “Current Projects” List, I identified my Next Actions and put them on my context-based list.

August 19 Reboot:

Tiny Habits:
Anchor: When I …
Behavior: I will …
Celebrate: And celebrate by …

1 Thing options for this area:

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