GTD/NPM Focus: MARRIAGE- Reality Disciplines
Practice a gentle Norwood self focus with loving detachment.
C = Clean Routines

GTD – the Natural Planning Model
BORING: same old fights, without end.
EXCITING: healing childhood wounds, sex.

Step 1: Defining Purpose and Principles
“I test for interest, walkthrough open doors or detach. Enjoy dessert.”

I am surrounded by a circle of individuals that help meet all the needs have a great life. One of these is my wife who is the icing on the cake; she does not provide for every need that I need in this life.

Other relationships, however, help me provide the “cake” so that I am in partnership with others for all the areas of my life that I love. For example, I have an accountant that does my taxes. Someone else mows my lawn. I have writing friends that support my creative work. I have Pastor friends with whom I talke about church work. My congregation provides me with a lot of loving affirmation and positive feedback. I am a part of a supportive community.

Step 2: Outcome Visioning
We emotionally soothe, comfort and encourage each other. My wife is my first choice for fun. I feel safe with her. We live by protocols which improve the quality of our life when under stress.

I have a system of regular consistent interaction with my congregation which means both my emotional needs and theirs.
I have a circle of Pastor friends.
I have a circle of writing friends.
I have a circle of friends for mutual hobbies and fun.

Step 3: Brainstorming
With this vision fresh on my mind, I started seven small mind maps–encapsulating all the actions and characteristics I want to translate into habits.

Step 4: Organizing
Here’s where I took all those principles, dreams, and brainstorms and translated them into a very doable list.

Step 5: Identifying Next Actions
Before placing these four items onto my “Current Projects” List, I identified my Next Actions and put them on my context-based list.

August 19 Reboot:

Tiny Habits:
Anchor: When I …
Behavior: I will …
Celebrate: And celebrate by …

1 Thing options for this area:

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