GTD/NPM Focus: PRODUCTIVITY STEWARD (Thumb) – Reality Disciplines
Research the program.
Rewrite the program
Run the program
Revise the program (debug)

GTD – the Natural Planning Model
EXCITING: I express my CliftonStrengths strategy gifts; I learn, see patterns, know and implement an effective strategy.

1. Every day has an agenda.
2. Everything not being worked on has a place to be parked until it is needed.
3. Explaining the truth to fools is foolish.
4. Silence is the best response to those who bear false witness; they are not listening.
5. Avoid investing time in people who (1) are not your sheep or (2) are not listening.
6. Block frequent false witness on Facebook.

Step 1: Defining Purpose and Principles
I surrender to God’s will on a daily basis, I believe in miracles and I seek to obey when instructions are clear. I believe that God provides a path of wisdom for me to walk and pray that it is made clear to me. I daily ask for wisdom and knowledge to guide my life oh, and to be productive as a “part of the Vine”, Jesus Living Through Me.

Everyday has an agenda, recipe, to guide me on the path and keep me focused. I accept the wisdom of Mark Forster and David Allen’s GTD, along with many other resources and guides. I consistently attempt to apply biblical wisdom to my daily living. I seek to prevent problems by solving them before they come to pass.

My goal is to live in shalom, that is to
– SOLVE problems,
– HARVEST opportunities,
– ACHIEVE goals,
– LOVE those who love me,
– ORGANIZE my life with questions and
– MANAGE my life through systems.

I phrase problems as questions to solve.

Step 2: Outcome Visioning
As I looked over the list from Step 1, I started envisioning how this “new life” would be (and how it would not be) … Really seeing these things is empowering.

Step 3: Brainstorming
With this vision fresh on my mind, I started seven small mind maps–encapsulating all the actions and characteristics I want to translate into habits.

Step 4: Organizing
Here’s where I took all those principles, dreams, and brainstorms and translated them into a very doable list.

Step 5: Identifying Next Actions
Before placing these four items onto my “Current Projects” List, I identified my Next Actions and put them on my context-based list.

August 19 Reboot:

Tiny Habits:
Anchor: When I …
Behavior: I will …
Celebrate: And celebrate by …

1 Thing options for this area:

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