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REPENT, FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS AT HAND … follow me and I will teach you to fish for people… YES!


Writing is actually more about using my Clifton strengths persona. Fulfillment of my nature.

Examen page, 4 corners
C. H.
A. M.


What do I love, based on how I use my time?

1. Productive marriage living together in harmony … invest in helping Kim. Fixing what is wrong or stressful or unhappy. At worst, codependency.

2. Entertainment of my needs … happiness … largely MRS … Minimum Daily Requirement of Romance. Playful.

3. Learning input … relentless curiosity, relentless discovery and marking for later access. VERY SUPERFICIAL. Scanner. Monkey mind.

PROBLEM: these are daily “just getting by” activities with little lasting value. Childish.

Intel founder quote …
I already know what I need to do … you’ve told me that. What I want to know is HOW to do that.
Point: moving forward from generalities to specific actions as a part of a system: you can’t “run the program” UNTIL you have a program.


INSTEAD I could reduce the improvement of the quality of my life to a series of focused steps and do that “religiously” = run the program.


Do not create dependencies with Kim.
I am putting up daily photos of what we are doing on Facebook.
1. I need Kim’s photos uploaded daily.
2. I can’t have her photos until she has put a memo on each one of them.
3. “Facebook is a low priority for me.”
4. Keeping my word is a high priority for me.
5. I explained this before we left, she raised no problem. Probably didn’t hear it.
6. I offered to transfer photos from her phone when home to a desktop and put them on Facebook.
7. Anger vented on me because she didn’t listen. Thought I wanted to do that now before she could memo each photo. “Facebook is a low priority for me.”
8. Gets territorial about her phone. Anger vented on me about that also.
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