Question of the day. What do I need to understand about God using my writing?

Travel notes for today. On the way to the walk to Emmaus board meeting and Highland hope which starts at 9:30.

Question of the day. What do I need to understand about God using my writing?

One Revelation this morning is the reality that if making Faith relevant is the key to retaining people in the church then sermons are the key way to share the information that holds people in place.

Therefore the best tool for renewal is the sermon and what we do with the sermon to make it accessible beyond that one hour of worship.

What this means is that the local Church blog and the ministry of teaching through blogging is a crucial reality for me. When I look at my church blog I find myself almost ashamed because of how poorly it is constructed and maintained. There’s a lot of editing that needs to be done.

Furthermore, everything that I need to communicate to my church people about what I need them to do is covered in the sermons of the past year or so and certainly going all the way back to the beginning of my time at kinmundy.

What this means is that I need to take the sermons that I’ve already written and preached and find ways to make them available in writing on the Blog and then direct people to the blog that is the essence of writing for the needs of the local church.

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