Ten things I need to do. 1. Make a list of 10 things a day. 12-03-19

Ten things I need to do.

1. Make a list of 10 things a day. 10 ideas a day. 10 questions a day.
2. 10 people I’m praying for today. Add people when Urgency occurs and let people drop off the list as their problems resolved.
3. Make a list of 10 things to eat that are healthy for me and that are always available.
4. Make a list of 10 books I want to reread someday.
5. Make a list of 10 series by fiction authors that I want to reread someday in order.
6. Make a list of 10 subjects I I am curious about and might want to research and write a blog post on.
7. Make a list of 10 things that would be fun to research and write about for my own benefit.
8. Make a list of 10 problems that I can solve by purchasing something that will do the work better more simpler.
9. Make a list of 10 things I can get rid of or stop doing that will simplify my life for more enjoyment of life.
10. Make a list of 10 list that I could make dot-dot-dot like this one!

Make these lists in Google Keep because it’s easy to dictate an easy to load into Google Docs and then copy or use as a single document.

Make a list of 10 ways to record ideas as notes.
1. Evernote
2. Microsoft OneNote new line
3. Samsung Notes built into my phone. I have several other software apps.
4. Email myself.
5. Put notes on a blog post that is hidden from everyone but me.
6. Have a spiral notebook with me everywhere.
7. Take photos. They can be posted or not.
8. Keep notes in an online diary.
9. Keep lists and notes in a spreadsheet.
10. Keep lists and notes related to something to do in to do software like todoist.

In the new year do Church work in Microsoft Office and do creative work in WordPress supported by Google including Google keep and Google Docs.

I have online storage through Google Drive and can work creatively on any computer with an internet browser, including my own, my Chromebook, my tablet, and my phone.

I have two operational copies of Microsoft Office, one for home and one for work. Combine them into one. This provides me with online storage of 1tb for free.

Start by doing all Church records in OneNote. No longer use Evernote for anything except research. Just start now and don’t worry about the past.

Annual Evernote research will that include all kinds of items which are connected by Evernote context and leaked to each other. Keep data small by exporting Evernote ideas once a year or every two years. You can always load them again. Remember the purpose of Evernote data is to write something utilizing it oh, so the Evernote provides a footnote to sources.
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