NOVEL: A Miracle For … Andrea

NOVEL: A Miracle For … Andrea (Amelia, Amanda)

A pastor helps a woman find her miracle … man.
Pastor is hero’s journey Yoda mentor.
26 novels … alphabetical names.

Hero/heroine’s journey = chapters. Turn into beat sheet.
Romance novel beat sheet

Plot = 1 Cliche
Conflict = Cognitive distortion
He will marry his unfinished business.
She will marry her unfinished business.
Opposites attract … MBTI


Act 1 – Ask
Act 2 – Seek
Act 3 – Knock


Scrivener … main tool.
Her main conflict is a cognitive distortion.
He is a T and she is an F.
Opposites attract and make a whole person.
Both main characters are “marrying their unfinished business.” Resolving childhood (past) and adult (recent) garbage.

Scripture provides both themes and scenes.
Scripture illustrates problems both face.
She is spiritual and religious; he is seeking.

The setting is a small town (Kinmundy) or a nearby regional small city (Quincy).

Psychological truths that help me provide a foundation for drama and emotional tension in the story: 12 steps, codependency, cognitive behavioral therapy, Runkel scream free, M Scott Peck, Glasser reality therapy, Harville Hendrix, Attraction theory, Ruth Cohn, etc.

The local Pastor (me) is a continuing character.

Psalms for Divorce
– Letters to the Fireman

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