improve your writing life along three critical dimensions:

improve your writing life along three critical dimensions:

1. Productivity. Fit tasks to your abilities, environment, and schedules. Make progress during times you’re not actively sitting at the keyboard or desk. Lose track of time while drafting. Manage multiple obligations without going crazy. Protect yourself from procrastination.

2. Creativity. Schedule incubation and invite inspiration. Learn to listen to ideas and insights happening below the level of your conscious, narrating mind.

3. Enjoyment. Create an environment that matches the work, minimizing distractions and inviting the state of flow. Approach the writing process with a growth mindset. Remain resilient in the face of setbacks and doubts.

Janzer, Anne. The Writer’s Process: Getting Your Brain in Gear (pp. 9-10). Cuesta Park Consulting. Kindle Edition.
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