reinforce self-discipline and battle procrastination.

Here are a few strategies many successful authors use to reinforce self-discipline and battle procrastination.

Establish a daily writing practice.
You’ve heard it before, but it merits repeating. Commit to a daily writing objective, whether a minimum number of words, a page count, or a certain amount of time spent in research and note-taking. This approach breaks down the work into manageable daily doses, making it easier to achieve before depleting your willpower reserves.

Remember that you exhaust willpower through the course of the day and as your physical fuel depletes. The research makes a compelling argument for writing first thing in the morning, after breakfast but ahead of potential distractions.

Work before going online.
Pledge to work for an hour or meet a minimum daily objective before connecting to email and social networks each day.

Learn to love deadlines.
If you have no externally imposed deadlines, make them up. Remember Dan Ariely’s Consumer Behavior students who wrote better papers with a well-planned schedule. Commitments help us resist procrastination that otherwise cuts into critical phases of the process… If you’re working on a long-term project, create many interim due dates to monitor your progress and remain motivated.

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