Use freewriting in your daily practice.

Use freewriting in your daily practice. Many authors set a goal of a minimum number of words or pages per day. This daily milestone works well in the drafting phase of a large project. But what happens when you’re between projects, or starting research on a book? Commit to a minimum word (or time) count for freewriting during those periods. Not only does this add a flow-based practice to your daily routine, it also gives you the chance to work through problems or issues in your daily life.

If you feel truly stuck, take the part of an imaginary reader and ask questions about the topic. Visualize an ideal reader and compose a personal note about the topic. Loosen the connections in your mind and see what happens.

Janzer, Anne. The Writer’s Process: Getting Your Brain in Gear (p. 37, 36). Cuesta Park Consulting. Kindle Edition.

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