You can learn to adjust mindset through practice.

You can learn to adjust mindset through practice.

Let your actions shift your mindset. The most powerful way to counter both the scarcity and fixed mindsets is to simply write, contradicting your belief with behavior.

Recognize your unique perspective. Yes, someone has probably already written about your subject. That doesn’t mean that the idea is “used up” and not worth pursuing. Shakespeare repurposed all kinds of earlier works for his plays, yet the results were unique and the world is grateful for them.

Resolve to learn. Whenever you encounter the fixed mindset, counter it with an active determination to learn. Read widely to fuel your brain’s connections.

Do something uncomfortable. Try working outside your usual areas of expertise and see how that affects your perception of yourself.

Share freely. When under the spell of a scarcity mindset, you may worry about people stealing your ideas. For most of us, obscurity is a larger threat than plagiarism. The best way to counteract the scarcity mindset is to witness the power of sharing and collaboration.

Ideas operate by the rules of abundance and tend to improve as you collaborate with others and broaden your perspective. Countless people have made this book better through discussions and shared insights.

As author Steven Johnson says in Where Good Ideas Come From, “We are often better served by connecting ideas than we are by protecting them.” Instead of spending mental energy guarding your thoughts, invest it in developing ideas. If you’re creating something wonderful, go ahead and tell the world.

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