P1.S Problems clear?
Have I fulfilled Talents requirements? Probably. Maybe a final dusting & polish.

Have I fulfilled dust off requirements?
Yes – with regard to IGRC, Disciplewalk and 20 years of promotion and waiting for interest. Leave up and leave behind … I can still respond to any interest.

Should I sort through and maintain these documents … or just drop them?

Should I study why my 20 years was not effective? For understanding, forgiveness, repentance? For marketing truths?

How about using Scrivener as my Writing Inbox and Journal? My writing work bench? Import everything for Writing To Done processing? (Evernote and Pocket precede this.) Move data bits out of Google Keep. Set up topics as Sections or Chapters.

Basement = reading cave?
Den = writing cave?

P2.H Opportunities clear?
Uganda = done. Feels unfruitful. Unintended betrayal of my expectations and hopes.

OPW Class … do info on blog, discuss on Facebook. Class on zoom. NOW.

P3.A Goals clear? (Self-Actualization)
Shift from extrinsic to intrinsic goals.
Shift from codependency to differentiation.
What would please ME and God?
What would be fun and interesting TO ME?
Do no more work on spec, guessing the market.

P4.L Love flows?
I currently have Kim’s support to do my thing. I do not have her interest or involvement; we are neither partners or co-creaters.

Do I love what I do?

I love …
Reading and tinkering with my work;
it makes me feel proud of what I’ve done.
I like putting things up to be viewed.
Attention is nice, but it’s not for them.

I am a good ARCHITECT of IDEAS.
I regret not having BUILDERS to work with.
(The Fountainhead?)

P5.O What do I not know?

WordPress tools to make it easier:
WordPress bulk categories app?
Sort current posts into best categories?

P6.M Turbulence in Systems Flow?
Depression type avoidance of work.
Depression type fogginess about goals

Nanowrimo 2020
NOVEL: A Miracle For … Andrea.
Test for pleasure in writing fiction.
Work out my unfinished business.
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