Deep Word Projects

– 9-7-20 Read, review and respond OPW.
– 9-8-20 Tues … Fung, break.
– Wed-Sat – REVISE, polish OPW1.
– SUNDAY 9-13-20 Class.

According to my CliftonStrengths, I am a steward of information (learner/input) who develops clear and beneficial strategies (output).

AoI/CS: Deep Work = read and respond to my own writing. Deep Word is defined as deep work reached by pleasureable flow and ends in publication, typically on my blog. It is an extension of my preaching ministry.

MBA Purpose: As an architect of ideas,
I add value to information from a variety of sources (input),
to provide innovative spoken and written solutions (product)
for intense and widespread human problems (market)
in harmony with God’s will (evaluative process).

Subhead #1 review
What does it say? What does it say that I need to obey? Who needs to hear this?
Subhead #2 the problem
Subhead #3 the solution/visualization
Subhead #4 How – application.
Subhead #5 Call to Action



FLOW Context … prevent distractions:

Results of this immersion experience: FILLING IN THE BLANKS.
4. The feeling of control … security and relaxation …
5. Effortlessness … harmoniously and effortlessly. All necessary decisions arise spontaneously from the demands of the activity without any deliberate reflection. (Rules already made.)
6. An altered perception of time
7. The melting together of action and consciousness
8. The autotelic quality of flow-experiences: IROI. Intrinsic motivation: for it’s own sake.

Questions for the playing field:
1. Are the goals clear?
2. Does the game provide immediate feedback?
3. Does the environment encourage a high level of concentration on a limited field?
4. Does the environment Minimize distractions?
5. Do the goals feel do-able? Within reach?

– consulting with my churches
– commands of Jesus

Local church audience:

Pastors and Church Leaders:

Secular Curiosity:

Heinlein’s Third Rule: You must refrain from rewriting, except to editorial order.
DOK Corollary to Heinlein’s 3rd Rule: little seed posts that garner attention will be tended and grow into projects and products.
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