My Issues 9-17-20


My issues?

Resistance = focus, confusion, procrastination, etc. PTSD?

Warren Buffett fivefold goal focus. = CHAMPs.
Stress, grief over these.

History = need for affirmation.
Dad’s fan club.
Abandonment and neglect.
Codependency – secondary gains in the ministry.



Learning … curiosity satisfied.
Intelligent Discussion
Playing with Ideas.
Interesting… Not boring or stupid.

Appreciation, attention, recognition, honor, gold star.
Specifically: recognition for writing.
For research ideas. For speaking.
Specifically: people read my stuff, value my contribution and interact with me intelligently.

Romance: infatuation stage Attraction, limerance, unconditional love (mama love vs neglect, worship) Dad needs a fan club

Nobility… being worthy.

Is what I am doing getting me more of what I want?
What will I do now? What is my plan?


I need a process to plan blog posts to be more of a product, so that they can be done in a way that creates a demonstrated benefit to one of my particular markets. This is making plain and explicit something that is left unfocused at this time.

Flow requires that the task be made specific, so that it can be engaged without further planning or definition, and simply be done in flow.

For example, I am taking a class on deep work online. I am re-reading the book and identifying pertinent quotes. if I take what I ride for the class and combined it with quotes oh, I could have a series of blog posts which presents what I’ve learned in the class for the benefit of pastors who would like wise wish to implement the Deep work Concepts.

Having a focused outcome will make the project more interesting to me.

There are other places I could use the same process. for example, my primary creative work each week is the sermon. I say that my writing is an expression of my preaching Ministry. am I not then required to follow up on the sermon with little application devotions asking laity to apply it in their lives? I did this with Monday School on Facebook and then dropped the ball.


PRODUCTIVITY implies profitability. That I do not invest time and energy and activity that does not generate benefits from my environment. The benefits may not be immediate, but productivity means that investments have a level of certainty of profitability.

My environment is not rewarding these topics:
Cell church dissertation ideas.
Blogging and Book writing.

Can these areas be tweaked to become profitable?
To me, if not to everybody?
Where could I otherwise invest this energy?


***WRITING: I am a voice crying out in the wilderness …

If it was worth the time to post it on Facebook, would it be worth the time to put it on the Blog and make it permanent?

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