ONE THING for Architect of Ideas. RD

ONE THING for Architect of Ideas

Summary … one thing:
I take notes on what I am Learning
to deepen my understanding (better learn)
and create and clarify my written Strategy,
and collect them online (Input).

Collect Quotes > (Input)
Learn (think it over) > Strategize in writing >
Collection (Input)

I am a Learner but 7 out of top 10 are strategy formation. That’s my outcome: a written strategy.

Learning >>> Written Strategy >>> Collection.

Input #4 – collect information as specific quotes = chunking
Process turns that chunk of info into what works (Written Strategy) for me.

PROCESS: record my learning for my benefit
Learner 1 – understand and value information
***Monroe’s Mountain analysis:
Strategic 2 – recognize opportunities & options
Individualization 3 – recognize differentiation & contribution
Connectedness 5 – recognize connection & synergy
Apply CliftonStrengths 6-10 as well.
***QNQS Quote & Note, Questions & Sources

Polish the Strategy in the Note.
Blog Post – also Input … a collection of my creations.

(I’m not that interested in playing with publishing. Get it done, publish it, move on. No agents, publishers or corporate games.)

Other Strategy – 6-10
Those with dominant Strategic Thinking themes are the ones who keep the
team focused on what could be. They are constantly absorbing and analyzing information and helping the team make better decisions.
People with strength in this domain continually stretch the team’s thinking for the future. (I have 7 of 8 in my top 10.)

6. Self-Assurance
You feel confident in your ability to take risks and manage your own life. You have an inner compass that gives you certainty in your decisions. You trust your instincts, so you forge ahead confidently, even on risky paths. Because of your certainty, persuasiveness and ability to make decisions easily, you lead the way for others.

7. Ideation
You are fascinated by ideas. You are able to find connections between seemingly disparate phenomena. You are fascinated by ideas. Because you enjoy looking at the world from different perspectives and are always searching for connections, you are a powerful and creative brainstorming partner.

8. Futuristic
You are inspired by the future and what could be. You energize others with your visions of the future. You are a visionary. Your powerful anticipation and detailed visualization of a better future can turn aspirations into reality. Your vision of tomorrow can inspire and push others to new heights.

9. Intellection
You are characterized by your intellectual activity. You are introspective and appreciate intellectual discussions. You love to think, muse and reflect. Your powerful mental processing and intellectual activity empower you to clarify and explain, regardless of the topic or situation.

10. Analytical
You search for reasons and causes. You have the ability to think about all of the factors that might affect a situation. Your natural ability to investigate, diagnose and identify patterns results in valuable insights that are logical and well-thought-out. Your critical thinking helps clarify reality and provides objectivity.

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